Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 14A

Today in class Professor Pannafino briefly went over html coding with us, just as a refresher. We also talked about the reading a little and signed up to meet with him either today or Wednesday. I signed up fro Wednesday.

We then had the rest of the class to work on our website. At the beginning of class this is what my site looked like:

I started out working on the basic structure of the site and as I finish that I will start adding the details.

The full horizontal design was giving me a bit of trouble so I restarted and created a "page" over top a background kind of layout again but all of my content will be laid out in a horizontal fashion to give the appearance of a full horizontal design.

Right now I am keeping each section a primary color so I remember where each section begins, as I go on I will add the final background in.

I sized the header how I want it and then started working on a fake navigation bar. the buttons on here will most likely not go anywhere, I am just adding them in for aesthetic.

After working on it a bit, I have everything laid out(or at least an idea of a layout) as far as the content is concerned. I still need to work on the header, not 100% sure what I am going to do with it yet.

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