Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 11A

Today in class we started by going over the readings we had over the weekend and answering some questions on them.

Next we went over HTML and CSS coding again which was basically all review for me. Pannafino showed us how to create a layout (header, side bar, main area, footer) using CSS.

After that we went over our second project, creating a web page for a kickstarter campaign of our choice. After going over the requirements we took the rest of the class to look through kickstarter and find three campaigns we would want to create a webpage for. Below are images from kickstarter of three campaigns I am interested in creating a web page for.

Nature's Bounty Farm, Inc is a non profit organization developed to educate and provide nutritional meals for those in need.
Already has a website but is not too well designed.

When I clicked on the link for the "web page" it took me right back to the kickstarter page. I think this is a really unique idea and I am all about ecofriendly 

By using your significant date I create unique wave interference patterns for display.
No web page exists for this campaign!

For homework we need to continue looking on kickstarter and write down our top three and read Chapter 3 from "Above the Fold."

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