Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 10A

I was out sick (with pink eye...) but I had my classmate Alina tell me what we did in class Monday and give me the homework assignment.

We are starting to work in HTML and CSS (YEAY!!) and for homework we had to create a "webpage" with an image, paragraph, and list describing our dream vacation. Although I was already in Cinque Terre (only for a day) I chose that location as my dream vacation. Here are screenshots of my coding and what it looks like on the server:

We also needed to read chapter 1 of Above the Fold which talks about what needs to be done before starting the design of the website and what needs to be done throughout the whole process.

Pannafino told me to stay home and heal up, that I didn't need to come to class on Wednesday but I am feeling a lot better, don't want to miss too much, and altogether am soooo excited to start working in HTML and CSS again!

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