Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 11B

Today in class we started out doing the usual, answering questions from the reading we needed to do for homework.

We then presented to the class our top three kickstarter campaigns we want to create a web page for. After presenting those three campaigns the class voted on their favorite/most successful looking one. Out of the three I presented, Interference was the top choice of my classmates. This one was also my top choice but I could have gone with any of the three.

After we finished all the presentations (and a tiny break) Pannafino went over what we needed to do next, before even thinking about coding. We need to find as much info as possible on our item/project whathaveyou, and create a form of hierarchy (what's most important, second, third, ect.). So far I have a bit about what it is, who creates it, and how but I cannot find a ton of information about Interference. The artist is a physicist who uses their (Robin is the first name but I'm not sure if it is a guy or girl) science background to create unique designs on wood and furniture but hasn't worked with 2D design before so Interference is on a relatively new medium for them.

For homework we need to continue researching our campaign and do some readings.

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