Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 13A

In class today we talked a bit about bringing all the work we have done so far designing our websites together. Pannafino showed us how to create a horizontal layout for our webpage which I think I am going to do for my Kickstarter webpage.

He then met with us two at a time to talk about our style tiles. Mine definitely needed some work and after he talked to me about it a little and showed me other examples I decided to start fresh and create a whole new style tile.

Before that, I looked up a few more examples of style tiles, a few I have shown below:

I then started putting together my new style tile. I laid out the background first and then started working up from there. Because I want my webpage to have a more horizontal layout, I switched my style tile to a landscape style rather than the portrait style. I put together a quick header and added my color scheme in.

I worked on my header for a bit but did not like how it was coming out so I looked at my style tile examples again and started changing things around to what you see below which I think works so much better. I added in my button designs and the different fonts I want to use throughout the page.

After I finished that I put in some of the images from the kickstarter site I want to add to my page.

All that is left to do is create some illustrations of my own to incorporate into my design. That is where I am going to struggle a little bit but this new style tile is definitely a lot better than the first one.

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