Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 12A

For the first half of class today we talked about the IID Conference this Saturday and went over everything we will need to do to set up, assigned different jobs to everyone, and went over exactly how it needs to go, what is going to happen, etc.

My jobs for the conference are to help direct people to the auditorium before it starts and then to pass out a microphone to anyone with questions during the Q&A portion of the conference.

After we did that, we took a short break and then started working on our web design project. We are still in the research portion more or less but we started to create wireframes for our web page. I do not have a ton of content which is something I am worried about but I am going to try and lengthen it using my own words and maybe doing a bit more background research on wave interference which is the reaction the creates the patterns Robin prints on posters or etches into glass coasters.

I tried coming up with 5 different wireframes with the amount of content I have and while it was a little challenging I think I did pretty well. Here is what they look like:

In this first one the header and nav bar are at the top (placement for all wireframes), then along the side there will be information about the artist Robin. The first bar at the top (under the header and nav bar) will contain information on what wave interference is. Along the right side will be images of different patterns created. The middle section will contain information on how these designs are created and below that will be more information on the project itself (different products, sizes, etc).

This layout here has the header and nav bar at the top, below that images of the different patterns created, next information about wave interference, then how each pattern is created and more about the project, and finally at the very bottom is information on Robin, the artist.

This wireframe here starts out with an image as the background and atop that is the explanation on what wave interference is. Below that is how the patterns are created and more information on the project itself. Next will come some images of different patterns created with this method. Finally at the bottom is the bio section about Robin.

This layout here has images along the left side of the page. At the top (below the header and nav bar) is the information on wave interference and along the left side is information on the project and how it is created. Again at the bottom is information about Robin.

In this wireframe here, along the left side there is a section where you can input a significant date (which is used to create the wave patterns, explain in the "how" part) and see what your pattern for that date would look like. Underneath that is are some other examples of patterns. Along the right side, at the very top is Robin's bio (the arrows are there to show the placement of the bio and picture could switch), next down is information on the project and how it is created and then at the bottom is the explanation on what wave interference is.

As you can see in most of my wireframes, the explanation of wave interference is at the top. I figured it would be easier for viewers to understand the project fully if they knew exactly what made the different patterns before going into more detail, like inputting the significant date into the mathematical equation that creates the waves which in turn creates the pattern.

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