Saturday, November 26, 2016

IID Conference

The Interdisciplinary Interaction Design Conference was Saturday, November 19th. It hosted four speakers, Victor Yocco, Brian Crumley, Liese Zahabi, and John Halfpenny. Each of them had a unique topic to talk about but it could all be applied to design.

Victor Yocco, who talked about Psychology in Design, was extremely interesting. He stated that psychology explains why or why not a design works and how it provides a framework to design around. He also talked about Heuristics which are mental shortcuts every human uses and how that idea is applied to design. Apply psychology to design is extremely important and is used to reduce a user's cognitive load which keeps them returning.

Next was Brian Crumley, he talked about Style Guides, what they are and what they are used for. Style guides are used to document the design of a website. Within a style guide there is the color scheme, different button types used, links, etc. and how the webpage is put together. It keeps everyone on track that is working on the website and is used to keep everyone up to date.

Liese Zahabi was third. Her speech was a lot different than everyone else's  and was little hard for me to follow. She talked about the web in general and how great it is and everything that can be done with it.

John Halfpenny was last and by far my favorite. He talked about branding yourself (and actually works for a company called Brand Yourself) and everything he mentioned directly correlates with me and what I need to do to get my name out there as a photographer and web designer. First he talked about Writing for the Web and then went on to talk about Personal Branding, implementation, search engine optimization, how to use social media to your advantage, personal web bio, and on-page/off-page SEO. What John Halfpenny talked about can apply to anyone's life and career.

All of the speakers did a great job presenting and I am glad I got the chance to not only hear them but talk to them after as well.

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