Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 15A

Today in class we had an in progress critique. At first a few of us volunteered to show what we had done in front of the class, I decided to show what I had so far.

Most of the class said to go with a more organic feel to the layout of my design since the patterns Robin creates have a very natural feel to them. At first I wanted to go with a very straight forward, technical feel to my design since the patterns are based on a mathematical equation, something straight forward and technical. But I understood what the class meant about switching gears.

After splitting into groups and critiquing everyones' work we had the rest of the class to work on our designs. I changed everything in both my html and css to a comment and started from scratch, more or less. I kept the same background and started redoing my layout.

For the one section I have on my web page that describes the process on how the patterns are created I decided to create little arrows to put in with the text.
Here's how they looked at first, I plan on going in and centering them:

Basically starting all over and having very little information is going to be a challenge for me but I am going to work hard. Designing my webpage is the toughest part for me but putting all into code is so fun and is my favorite part of the entire process.

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