Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 14: Outside the Classroom

Over the weekend while working on my webpage I decided to make one on the tabs on my nav bar work, taking you to a page with contact information. I have the page set up so the link works I just need to format that one and add in the information. I also decided to rearrange things and place the photos of the products along the side of the page. First I got the general layout:

Next I broke up each photo. They most likely will not stay that size and I though about alternating them along side the paragraphs.

 I also worked on centering everything and I changed the body text by giving it a different color, the dark blue on my style tile. I am currently working a header.

I was stuck for awhile as far as the header.

I wanted something simple but interesting so I thought I'd add an image with a gradient affect which I created in Photoshop.

I checked out what it looks like on my page and I still feel I have to tweak it a bit but I feel like I am on the right track

I also added in some photos of the different products along the side of the website.

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