Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 1B

Today in class we briefly talked about the homework we had and then went into some note-taking. The notes we took were mostly about different kinds of applications, whether mobile or web. To name a few:

  1. Mobile Phone App: mobile application that uses specific device features. Can be pre-installed or downloaded to the phone. Examples of these kinds of apps would be address books, calendars, maps.
  2. Mobile Web App: web app that runs on mobile web browser, is HTML5-based app targeted to smartphones with advanced browsers.
  3. Hybrid Phone App: mobile app that uses embedded browser technology to access web content. Used embedded browser to access web content from web. Example: Yelp
There were more but I will get into that later if need be.

After taking some notes, we then got broken into our pairs for the first project. My partner is Max Pulcini. Professor Pannafino had us talk to our partners for approximately 45 minutes and get to know them. Then we played a fun game against the other pairs to see who knew their partner the best. Sadly Max and I didn't win but I still think we're the best.

The first project is designing an application but for now we are just brainstorming vague ideas on problem spaces that could possibly be turned into an idea for an app. Our homework is to come up with at least 30 problems spaces. So far Max and I have 12 so we're off to a decent start.

I'm a bit nervous about this first project but I think Max and I will be able to work well with each other. We have a good amount in common but we're different enough we should be able to bounce different ideas back and forth and come up with something pretty innovative.

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